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Basic battery-powered electronic data logger with integrated 2G/3G/4G modem without external power supply connection. This compact data logger version is the ideal solution for telemetry data collection.

The device is technically identical to the ELCOR Volume Conversion model.

The device's design with respect for future extensibility enables the customer an easy extension of the functions, which in the case of the DATCOM model means the possibility of modem installation or replacing an existing modem with a newer one in the future.

The basic features of the DATCOM are the integrated RS232 / RS485 serial interface, allowing connection to the data collecting / SCADA system, 3 digital inputs (low frequency or binary), 2 digital outputs, and the option to connect the NAMUR (1min to 1hour) or SCR+ (10sec to 1hour) encoder interface. A maximum of 1 pressure transducer and 1 temperature transducer can be connected.

The extended measuring ranges of the pressure transducers make it easier for the customer to order a datalogger.

The DATCOM is also available in a version capable of measuring and operating at temperatures from -40 °C.

All communication interfaces are mutually independent.

The DATCOM includes a data logger as an integral part of the device with a large 16MB memory, allowing it to store measured data at hourly intervals for more than 10 years.

The housing was designed to operate in harsh outdoor environments with a certified IP66 protection class.

The DATCOM datalogger has been designed for measuring spots where only battery power is required, so an external power supply option is not available. If it is necessary to use a corrector with an external power supply (e.g. very frequent communication with the device), it is recommended to install a more advanced DATCOMplus model.

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