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ELCORplus Zone 2

The fourth generation of the battery-based gas volume converter with a new modular design, which focuses on use in Zone 2. In terms of safety, this is a different type of explosion protection than is used, for example, for the ELCORplus device.

The new technology in the form of a gas volume converter is based on the ELCORplus model and represents a powerful solution for the purposes of commercial gas measurement. The ELCORplus gas volume converter for zone 2 is a meter designed to convert the gas volume measured under operating conditions to the volume under basic conditions.

The ELCORplus for zone 2 can be powered directly by 120Vac, 12, or 24Vdc.

The gas volume information is read via the pulse outputs of the gas meter or via the data output of the encoder. Gas temperature and gas pressure are measured by integrated digital transducers. The degree of gas compressibility is calculated by the instrument according to conventional methods or uses a constant value.

ELCORplus for Zone 2 has implemented type "nA" protection in combination with protection "ic" and cannot be used in a Zone 0/1 environment.


The design of the device with regard to its future expansion allows the customer easy additional additions to the modules and functions of the device. The ELCORplus device for zone 2 can be equipped with up to two serial interfaces RS232/RS485, internal modem (variants for 2G/4G/NB networks), external modem, up to 12 digital inputs, analog inputs, and outputs 4 - 20 mA, interfaces for NAMUR encoder connection or SCR+ and last but not least, a total of up to 6 digital pressure and temperature transducers can be connected to the device.

Thanks to the rich hardware equipment that comes from the ELCORplus device, robust software with telemetry functions, the ELCORplus for zone 2 becomes one of the most equipped and powerful converters on the market.

The extended measuring ranges of the pressure transmitter make it easier for the customer to order a converter.

The device is also available in a version capable of measuring and operating at temperatures from -40 °C.

The wireless connectivity of the ELCORplus converter allows the connection of various modems. Internal modems are available for 2G, 4G, and NB (NarrowBand) networks and can be used in ZONE 2 potentially explosive atmospheres.

All communication interfaces of the device are independent.

The device includes a data logger with a large 16MB memory, which allows you to store measured data at hourly intervals for more than 10 years.

The housing of the device was designed for operation in demanding conditions of the outdoor environment with certification of the degree of protection IP66.

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